March 15, 2011

Making a Laser cont.

as of my last post i had a problem needing a screwdriver. i couldn't get one so i ended up taking a flat head one and breaking it out of its casing. it worked but there are 10 points on the back

and im not sure what ones are the pos and neg. its also going to be an infra red laser so i will need to test to see if it works by looking at the laser through a camera. to see what im talking about take a controller for a dvd player/tv...look at the front of it, there might be some led lights, when you press something nothing happens. now look at a camera while pressing a button. on the camera you will be able to see the leds go purple. i think if i find my soldering iron i can de-solder the points and find the ones i need to use.

also, i took out the old 64 (nintendo 64) and brought another tv upstairs. i hooked my wii up to the tv that was already up here, hooked the 64 up to the one i brought up, and last night me and my sister had a games night. we played all sorts of games, old and new, like donkey kong 64, ssx blur, yoshis story, legend of zelda ocarina of time, just dance, just dance 2, diddy kong racing...and we had apples covered in caramel ( i had like 4 photos but blogger wont let me post them -_-)

using these jokes try to imagine how much caramel there was...
"would you like some apple with that caramel?"
"more caramel, sir?"
"so i heard you got some apples, where are they?"
but they were soooooo good though, no jokes

anyway just to let you know it took me a few days to post this...i wrote this one day after i posted my previous one, but blogger wont let me save or publish my post. talk to ya later

EDIT...i broke the diode, it fell on the ground then a couple really heavy items fell on it, so i dont think i will ever be able to make it into a laser


  1. Interesting post! A lot goes on in your mind...

  2. whoah, good luck with that man. ah, reliving the n64 days with a friend is always fun.