March 12, 2011

Making a Laser Maybe

hello people who are reading this. today i found an old computer with a disk drive in it. i took it apart and found some motors, an led, and where the laser is housed. now all i need is a 6/7/8 pointed (not sure about this) screwdriver that is 1.5 mm big to get into it and get the laser out. from the warnings it says its going to be an invisible laser (ir maybe) but i hope it will still be able to burn. if anyone knows any answers to the questions i am about to write please tell me in the comments below.

what should be the first voltage i try? (1.5v, 3.0v, 4.5v..OR..2AA's, 1AAA...was thinking 1AA, then go up to until it pops a black balloon)
can i just wire the battery straight to the laser? (i have a push button switch so i can control it)
Or do i need to buy some specific transistors and resistors? (or some other parts)
is there any good tutorials out there for explaining this, without having to buy a minimag flashlight or another laser?
how can i test how strong the laser is, safely without buying testers if i cant see the laser?
thanks if you can answer these (or some of these) questions.
i feel bad about asking questions on my own blog, but because this is my blog i need to keep you guys updated. and im part of you guys, so i need to be updated too. (if that made sense)
you can also comment about what i should talk about, cause i have no clue what to talk about

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