March 9, 2011


hello again, whaddup whaddup? im just going to be posting a couple sites ive been visiting lately, i hope you check them out, they're pretty awesome.

a collection of jokes, that aren't jokes.  its funny, heres one i like

Knock knock.
Who's there?
To who?
To whom.
^^ i used that today


^^their banner
Center of Prizes is a site where you get paid to do things like sign up for other sites, and do surveys. its pretty amazing an ive made over $50 easy, there is also contests and hangman... sign up if you like money or have nothing to do.

Its facebook. you should know what this is. good for talking with people, or playing some games.

you can take sections of webpages (any webpage you want) and put it on your homescreen. you can also earn money just by using the site. there is also a social part to the site, but no-one really uses this site so you probably wont be able to find any of your friends.

A gaming site i go to. this is where i post the games that i make. my username is 987456321 if you want to search for me.

okay, thats most of the sites i have been visiting lately...other than youtube and ebay...i have only started going to peoplestring like 2 weeks ago, and anti joke i just found yesterday

awesome, ill blog to ya later, remember to follow me if you like seeing random posts like this :)

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